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     NC Piggies Blanket Events, Brevard, Morganton, Asheville

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    Diane's books: 
    Crossing the Line: Taking Steps to End Homelessness

    Changing the Paradigm of Homelessness

    Dismazed and Driven - My Look at Family Homelessness in America

    Diane's blog: MEDIUM

    Diane's Awards:

    • 2022, Honorary membership, ODK, SUNY, Oneonta
    • 2015, NAEHCY, Best Targeted Campaign, Worn Out Welcome Mat - KS
    • 2015, Sisters of St. Francis, Joliet, IL, Mother Alfred Moes Award
    • 2014, University of St. Francis, Joliet, IL Sister Clare Award
    • 2013, Texas Homeless Network, Kathy Reid Award
    • 2012, National Association for Education of Homeless Children Youth, Sandra Neese Lifetime Achievement Award
    • 2012, The Education Center, Naperville, Kids’ Best Friend Award

    • 2012, Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness, Community Builder Award

    • 2012, Bridge Communities, Transforming Lives Award (YouTube video of her acceptance speech)

    • 2008, Naperville Church Women United, Human Rights Award

    • 2007, NAEHCY, Outstanding Media Award

    • 2006, Kane County (IL) Hidden Hero; and University of St. Francis Award of Merit


     1Dismazed/Driven virtual author talk, DLFF
    20, w/Pat Van Doren, Heritage Woods, Bolingbrook, IL


     Details on the Babes Page: Babes of Wrath Banned Book Tour

    Babes banned logo


     12, 7 - 8:30 pm, University of St. Francis, San Damiano Hall, Dismazed and Driven talk, free, public.1 USF details small





    24, Univ. Wisc. BASES class 3 - 4:30 pm


     1, 7 - 8:30 pm, DeKalb (IL) Public Library, Panel on Family Homelessness

    12, 10 a.m., Congressman Bill Foster Honoring Pat Van Doren, at Heritage House, Bolingbrook, IL

    December 21, noon - 9 pm, US Capitol, Memorial Blanket Project (www.memorialblanket.orgfor info)



    9, NCHE McKinney-Vento State Coordinator Conference, Washington, DC

    15, Office of Student Life conference, Newark, NJ 


    7, New Hampshire McKinney-Vento conference (virtual) 

    May  Filming, North Carolina

    Filming, North Carolina 

  • It's Everybody's Problem


     So often you hear, "We don't have homelessness in our town." or "It's a big city problem." or "They could get a place if they wanted to." or "Kids aren't homeless."

     More than 7 million invisible children and youthexperience homelessness across America, in every community.
    They need your help.  Thanks for your interest! Thanks for your support!

    Donate DDN MEDIUM blog


    FMN children

    What HEAR US does best...

    • Since 2005, HEAR US has worked hard to give voice & visibility
      to families & youth experiencing homelessness. 
      Looking back, looking forward, our best work is our films.

      No "talking heads." Just raw stories from those who know
      homelessness best--the families & youth who experience life without a place to call home.
      Ideal for school trainings, community awareness-raising, classroom lessons, and more...

      Check out our list of films here.

      MyOwn4Walls logo 500
      My Own Four Walls, all-time favorite,
      our first film, still relevant today!
      (20 min)

    HU books 3 21a

    HEAR US books inform, inspire
    Looking for quality books on homelessness--for adults & kids?
    HEAR US offers a wide array, and our indie bookshop lets you shop
    for books of your choice, get them shipped out fast, while supporting essential 
    indie bookstores. 

      • HEAR US Bookshop -
      • For the "other" source of books - Amazon 
      • A limited supply of "It's About the Children"  books by Pat Van Doren
        are still available. (Larger orders may be available. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
      • HEAR US Square site.

    Recent Films by HEAR US!

    Hidden in Plain Sight -
    Dawn Family Plate
    Families Experiencing Homelessness
    in New Mexico

    Four mothers and a dad share their families' experiences of homelessness and describe how schools helped them survive(16:15)


    HEAR Them: Youth Without Homes in New MexicoNM Youth Intro (5/22)


    Six New Mexico teens shared their experiences and insights about homelessness. Three teens are unaccompanied youth--without parents/guardians involved in their lives. The other three are part of a family. (10:09)


    ID eagleIdaho Schools: Lifesaving Connection  (1/22)
    4 women share their families' struggles and accomplishments, pointing to the importance of school support (18:30)

    Families Experiencing Housing Instability in Idaho  
    ID mothers share what school support meant to their families (6:50)

    These women offer deep, heartfelt insights about the agonies of housing instability and the impact of support from their children's school communities. 
    Invaluable lessons for all audiences. Perfect McKinney-Vento training tools.

    Not Homeless Enough (8/21)

    Be Kind window

    The agony of parents with no viable options in Madison and Dane County, WI (video 10 min)

    Capital Failure -family in parking lot

    Family Homelessness Surging (3/21)

    See and hear this family's struggles being stuck in motels during CoVid in Raleigh, NC. (12-min)

    Jamie's astute descriptions of her family's hardships
    resonate with many families in similar situations. 
     Her textbook lesson that needs widespread sharing.
    More about the film, resources...



  • Memorial Blanket 2022


    Photo (c) Diane Nilan 2022DC Blankets

    The Memorial Blanketart display on 12/21/22 in front of the Reflecting Pool at the US Capitol. 

    1,179 handmade blankets from knitters, crocheters, and quilters across the country blanketed the Capitol lawn. They were made by strangers for strangers, a true work of love.

    The blankets are a stark reminder of people who live and die on the streets of the US every year. 

    Following the one-day event, blankets were donated to people in need.

    The project was sponsored by the Charles Bruce Foundation.

    Photo (c) Diane Nilan 2022IL Blankets

    Quilts in the foreground were submitted by HEAR US. "These Little Piggies are Homeless" photos by Pat Van Doren are in the center of the quilts that were finished by volunteers in Illinois.

    Babies' and toddlers' footprints from 3 North Carolina programs serving young homeless children surround the Piggies images.

    The larger red, white and blue quilt has the iconic image of "Charlie" in the center. This represents the decades' long Illinois involvement in strenghtening educational rights for homeless students. 

    WATCH: Memorial Blanket photo collectionby Diane Nilan   

    WATCH: End of the Memorial Blanket Day by Diane Nilan 

     Washington Post, 12/22/22

    Handmade blankets for homeless crafted with ‘love’
    come to Capitol Hill

     The Progressive Magazine, 12/29/22

    On a Mission to End Homelessness, and Spread Warmth

    EARLIER COVERAGE of the HEAR US Memorial Blanket Activities: 

    ►Watch this NCTV news segmentabout the unique blankets being made in Illinois!

    ► Diane worked with 3 North Carolina communities to create Piggies blankets for babies using Pat Van Doren's iconic "These Little Piggies are Homeless" image.

    22 NC piggies FINAL small
    Here's a 1-minute TV newsclipshowing this heartwarming process.





    ► Here are the news storiesabout the Memorial Blanket Project

    ►Here's an adorable look at a "Piggies" event. (2-min)



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