The Charlie Book

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The Charlie Book:
60 Ways to Help Homeless Kids

The Charlie Book

Author: Diana Bowman
Editor, Photographer: Diane Nilan

Graphic Design, Layout: Beth Adams

Charlie photo: Pat Van Doren

Price: $12, quantity discounts available

Publisher: HEAR US Inc.


(as of 7/22) Kindle $1.99    

The Charlie Book: 60 Ways to Help Homeless Kids grew out of the desire to create a compassion epidemic that would spill out across the country to at least ease the suffering of millions of homeless children and youth. 

This concise handbook will provide the know-how for adults and kids, civic organizations and faith communities, scout troops and neighborhood associations to make a viable difference in their local communities for the mostly invisible families and youth experiencing a variety of shapes of homelessness.

Those involved in this book believe that good people doing good things will mitigate the apathy and anxiety that grabs headlines and shatters lives. The Charlie Book offers a simple, doable approach to providing tangible help to young people striving to get an education despite the formidable challenges they face. 

The antidote to apathy is action. The Charlie Book, offers simple activities that can simply change lives for the better. 

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