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Get this book into the hands of people wanting to make a positive impact in their communities!

Think big, and deep: adults and kids, civic organizations and faith communities, scout troops and neighborhood associations, big businesses and mom-and-pop shops, nonprofits and for-profits. Anyone who desires to make life a little easier for kids and families in homeless situations. 

If they need a nudge, nudge ‘em! This is one of the best ways to make people feel good about doing something good for others! 

It’s that simple. The info in the book will guide the do-gooders in their efforts. And perhaps more people will become aware of how family/youth homelessness is both invisible and pervasive. From that awareness, we will see a “compassion epidemic” spreading across the land. Who knows, the ripple effect may cause a much-needed increase in federal and state homelessness reduction initiatives. 

Remember, back in 1993, the unlikely convergence of people, a photo, and a push to open school doors…

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