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Since 2005, HEAR US offers award-winning resources and information for those concerned about children, teens and families experiencing homelessness.

HEAR US gives voice and visibility to children, youth and families experiencing homelessness.
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3 Melissas' Intro

This is a short, simple preview of our super-exciting book project that's in the works! We wanted to share just a little info on this unique book that we hope to have ready for release around Mother's Day 2024.

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3 Melissas' Practical Guide to Surviving Family Homelessness
(Making Bad a Little Better)

 The book that needed to be written, filled with wisdom and observations from 3 astute women with loads of lived homelessness experience!

Watch these 1-minute film clips featuring each of these incredible women!

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The 3Melissas now have a Substack page where posts, videos, pics and more will be shared as time goes on. No subscription fee, just sign up and join our social media efforts! 

About the book...

The Three Melissas' Practical Guide to Surviving Family Homelessness
(Making Bad a Little Better)

By Diana Bowman and Diane Nilan, Featuring Melissa A (IL), Melissa N (FL), Melissa T (KS)


Who knows more about family homelessness than the parents who experience it? The 3 Melissas’ Practical Guide to Surviving Family Homelessness is a unique book of wisdom from 3 mothers named Melissa filled with their unfettered advice to millions of other moms, dads, and caregivers without a place to live. 

These hard-won observations and suggestions, compiled into an unprecedented survival guide for families experiencing homelessness in the United States each year, offers tips and takes on common issues bedeviling stressed parents. This guide will also inform those working with homeless families, giving readers a more enlightened understanding of the mostly invisible and growing crisis of family homelessness. 


Diana Bowman and Diane Nilan, two long-time advocates and professionals have spent collectively over 75 years learning about family homelessness in the U.S. From their respective positions, they’ve provided abundant invaluable information and assistance to communities, educators, service providers, and policy makers. At the heart of their efforts has always been the commitment to convey the combined challenges of being homeless and raising children, and to provide tips to help families survive their hardships.

This book project took their mission to another level, requiring help from the experts, namely parents with lived experience of homelessness. Featured in this book are three mothers, all named Melissa, who offered poignant insights into what it’s like to be homeless with small children. They also provided scores of practical tips and words of encouragement to support and inspire other parents facing homeless.


The practical advice from the 3 Melissas will not only provide support and encouragement to parents experiencing homelessness but will reduce anxiety and ease tensions between families and those trying to help them. Those inviting families to temporarily stay with them, doubling up, will learn ways to smooth this often-bumpy arrangement. Educators, agency professionals and policymakers will gain insights about everyday logistical challenges families encounter and turn those insights into ways to alleviate family homelessness. 


Marketing plans are in process to get the book into the hands of as many families as possible. HEAR US will sell this book through mainstream book vendors. Proceeds from the book will be distributed to the 3 Melissas. Charles Bruce Foundation, publisher. Paperback (5x7), appx. 150 pages. Retail $15. Bulk prices available. Anticipated availability May 2024. More info, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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