Littlest Nomads

Babies, Toddlers, Pre-school Kids...


Yes! Hundreds of thousands...
and few people know.
That's why HEAR US created
Littlest Nomads,
an 11-min. video
(watch on YouTube)
focusing on how to help 'the Littles.'

Read what was said about Littlest Nomads:

I first would like to say how moved and impressed I was by the ‘Littlest Nomads’ film! I was so ecstatic to see a message that conveys the importance of recognizing these children! The film is brilliantly done and the language used, along with the video shots of the kiddos really emphasize the importance of reaching these young children at the most vulnerable times in their lives. Thank you for generating this message!

Jessica Hartley Langan, MSW/LSW Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development

Now available! Littlest Nomads film! View on YouTube!

3-min Littlest Nomad trailerLittlestNomads-boy

Help audiences of all types understand how homelessness affects babies and toddlers,
and inspire them to help these Littlest Nomads.

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Perfect McKinney-Vento training tool!

HEAD START, and any early childhood programs in your community will benefit too!

Over 6 million children in the United States are homeless, including million+ Littlest Nomads.

Babies, toddlers, pre-school kids spend their most vital developmental years in the worst possible situation--homeless.


HEAR US has teamed up with respected national expert Sarah Benjamin to film and produce Littlest Nomads, a short film highlighting the plight of these little ones.

MEDIA COVERAGE OF Littlest Nomads:


More resources may be found at:
National Center on Homeless Education


Comments from those who've attended Littlest Nomad presentations:

"We have no shelter in my community and no low-income housing available. 700 people on the waiting list. Only 2 Early Head Start classes. Very few centers that take infants. Long waiting lists for subsidized child care and regular Head Start."

"Parenting support is available at the Urban Core. Support services are spotty in my suburban/rural setting."

"Support services are not always aware of homeless 0-5 yos unless there are older siblings in school."

"This group of homeless population do not have the appropriate 'voice' for their needs. They get lost in the shuffle of survival mode."

"I am embarassed by my own lack of knowledge on the services that my community offers to homeless 'little people.'"

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